Invisalign technology lets Cincinnati, OH patients get straight smiles without braces. Call Dr. Patel and Dr. Dornhecker at (513) 815-3166 or (513) 815-3188 Visit us: https://www.pateldornheckerdds.com/invisalign/ Contact us: (513) 815-3188 Office location: 5520 Harrison Avenue, Suite A, Cincinnati, OH 45248 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PatelDornheckerDDS/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/D...
Searching for an experienced orthodontic in Cincinnati, OH that offers FREE new patient consultations? At Ornella Orthodontics, we are proud to offer free new patient consultations with x-rays included! Our Cincinnati, OH orthodontist, Dr. Ornella has been practicing orthodontics for over 30 years, the staff at Ornella Orthodontics has been working with him for over 20 years also! We’ve provide...
Patel and Dornhecker Dentistry has the dentists patients in Cincinnati, OH trust for gentle care with modern technologies. (513) 815-3166 or (513) 815-3188 Visit us : https://www.pateldornheckerdds.com/ Contact us : (513) 815-3188 Office location : 5108 Crookshank Road, Cincinnati, OH 45238 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PatelDornheckerDDS/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/DornheckerPate...
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